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Technology Specialisation

Our track record in successfully delivering Technology Products and Applications to organisations worldwide is what makes Global Minds the chosen Oracle Platinum Partner for our clients.

By implementing smart Oracle Technology for app development, Java programming, secure cloud storage and migration, real-time data integration and more, we can help your company reach its full potential. Our goal is to connect you with the right tools to drive innovation, with ongoing support and product adaptability so that you can scale and grow. Through our consultative approach, you can continue to optimise your business operations year after year, and we can ensure that your applications meet all future business goals.

By aligning your processes with the latest advancements in Technology Products, we can make your operations more efficient and effective, with higher security protocols for greater peace of mind

Businesses of all sizes, from start-ups to big global enterprises, choose Oracle Cloud and Global Minds for all of their digital, database and development needs. We offer applications, tools and platforms for all major industries, including Banking and Financial Services, Insurance, Telecoms, Pharmaceutical, and many others. As an Oracle Platinum Partner, we promise quick, easy and low-cost deployment.

Some of the benefits of partnering with Global Minds:

  • Reliable cloud-based technologies– we ensure worry-free IT, anywhere / anytime access, total scalability, lower energy consumption and maximum security through the cloud.
  • Flexible software solutions we help you deploy (SaaS) as and when you need, and can also offer Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to reach bigger IT goals.
  • Access to automation and machine learning we pioneer the latest technological advancements to catapult modernisation and digital transformation
  • Seamless integration between product we deliver products that are fully compatible with other processes and applications to ensure maximum collaboration across your teams
  • Cost-effective and time-efficient solutions we work with you to establish ways to make your operations more resourceful and keep your budget in mind for every project.

Our network of over 1,500 consultants will work closely with your team to understand your company vision. Not only can we help you uncover missed opportunities, but we can also anticipate risks early on and give you the best product recommendations. We take an advisory approach in selecting the right Technology Products and Applications and will be there to support you every step of the way

We specialise in the following products:

Application Development

Find a cost-effective way to build and manage cloud applications on any framework, with flexible and scalable solutions to suit projects of any size. A comprehensive DevOps tool allows you to develop, test and launch apps that will capture your audience and boost customer engagement.

We are here to help you integrate a platform that has API-first and mobile-first strategies in mind. This ensures that your apps are responsive, and remain accessible and beautifully presented on any device for a UX-friendly journey.

With support for low-code development, Oracle Application Development removes hand-coding, enhancing usability for your team.


Does your organisation need a database management system that can help to cuts costs and cultivate innovation? Powered by machine learning, Oracle Database will make information management effortless through improved performance, efficient updates, and easy recovery of data

We will work with you to deploy a new database or migrate your existing data warehouse over to the cloud.


This high-availability software promises maximum reliability and safety with low integration costs. Oracle GoldenGate can integrate real-time data across varying systems and platforms. Thus, allowing businesses to move, filter or duplicate information from one location to another easily.

Some of the benefits of employing GoldenGate include higher levels of performance, enhanced cybersecurity, better business insight, increased team collaboration, and being able to drive critical data movement between stakeholders.

Autonomous Database

Get end-to-end automation for provisioning, security, updates, performance, change management, and error-handling. With the Autonomous Database, there’s no need for human intervention or database administrators when it comes to routine maintenance tasks, saving your business time and money.

All database tuning and backups are achieved through automation, with reduced downtime, lower admin costs, and maximum protection from cyber attacks.


Built on MySQL Enterprise Edition and operated on Oracle Cloud, this open-source relational database management system can enhance business agility, helping you maintain a clear vision through flexible, adaptable operations.

We work with you to find the most efficient and scalable solutions, whether you’re looking for comprehensive transactional support, round-the-clock uptime, real-time in-memory performance, complete workflow control, the use of deeply embedded apps, or a simple zero-administration database.

For organisations looking to reduce costs, this is one of the best solutions for data warehousing, e-commerce, and more.


Cybersecurity is one of the most critical areas for businesses today. It is also one of the most complex and expensive investments a company make. We work in partnership with Oracle Security to bring you cost-effective Cloud Security and Database Security solutions, ensuring maximum compliance without the complicated charges

With the rising cost of breaches, cyber attacks are becoming too uneconomical for businesses to bear. Not only does a breach cause financial damage, but there’s also the cost of remediation, and potentially the cost of your reputation as a brand.

Contact us today if you would like to find out more about protecting your company data – and the data of your customers – from theft and malicious attacks.

Java EE

Get improved support for enterprise demands with the Java EE community-driven software, designed to give developers a powerful set of Java APIs to write server-side applications. The potential to reduce application complexity and improve performance will save your business both time and money. This means better allocation of resource, more hours to put back into creative or strategic planning, and more scope for innovation.

Commonly used in the E-commerce, Accounting and Banking industries, Java EE APIs combine several features to extend Java functionality. These features can be Enterprise JavaBeans, JavaServer Pages, connectors, servlets, and other web service technologies.


Work in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) with the JDeveloper tool, designed for use with the Java, XML, SQL and PL/SQL, HTML, JavaScript, BPEL and PHP languages. Designed to provide advance level coding, JDeveloper can make a developer’s job easier by reducing manual effort and giving them more time to focus on creative design.

The tool is here to cover the entire development cycle from coding to deployment. Tasks such as creating project files, compiling, debugging, packaging or deployment are automated, and features are simplified through one easy-to-use interface. Save time and money, and boost output – find out more about how IDE can help your team.

Java Cloud

With Java Cloud, your business can benefit from heightened agility, better resource utilisation, and savings through lower running costs. Quickly create, configure and manage your Java environment at a fraction of the time that it takes for on-premises software. With the added advantage of fast scalability whenever you need, the Oracle Java Cloud service is suitable for any size enterprise, particularly start-ups and small businesses looking to grow.

Access an array of tools and features on-demand via the Java self-service portal, with instant provisioning of your environment, immediate deployment, plus a huge capacity at your fingertips.

WebLogic Server

Today’s competitive environment demands applications that help you access new markets and reach new audiences, introduce new products and services effectively, and improve retention through customer loyalty. WebLogic Server provides a way to build and deploy reliable, secure and scalable applications quickly, streamlining the stages of development and giving you a competitive edge. By centralising multiple application services and managing all system-level tasks, your team can put their focus where it’s needed the most.

With the combined advantage of scalability, performance, operational efficiency, and the ability to implement advanced Java features, this platform can support the requirements of today’s competitive and dynamic business.


Front-end User Interface (UI) design is one of the most vital skills when it comes to developing applications, particularly in industries where customer trust and loyalty are paramount. It’s imperative for the modern enterprise to prioritise mobile-first design and find the right platform for agile development.

Whether you need a low-code rapid development framework such as APEX, or Java-based platforms like OAF and ADF, we can advise you on the best tools for your project. We get to know your business and immerse ourselves into your culture to establish your core values and business goals. That is how our consultants help you choose the right development platforms.

Oracle SQL Developer

This is a fully supported graphical interface for boosting productivity and simplifying database development tasks. For your team, this means fewer clicks and keystrokes, and less manual effort. For your business, it means a much better Return on Investment.

Able to run on Windows, Linux or MAC OS X, SQL Developer is adaptable and suitable for teams working on more than one platform. Oracle SQL isn’t just designed for developers either, as it provides a set of easy-to-use interfaces for critical administration work. Effectively manage your Oracle Database with complete end-to-end development of PL/SQL applications, a worksheet for running queries and scripts, an interface for reports, and simple third-party database migration.

Developer 6i and PL/SQL

Oracle Forms Developer 6i is a software product that creates data entry systems and screens for use with the Oracle Database. This product package provides you with all the right tools for developing and maintaining Oracle Forms and Reports applications.

It features an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and object navigator, property sheet, and functions to code in Java as well as PL/SQL. The 6i release includes the facility to run inside a web server, with three-tier and browser-based deployment options.

Developer Cloud

Development teams need to deliver better software faster to remain competitive in today’s digital landscape. Current trends are driven by things like AI (Artificial Intelligence), and this is where see a shift in priority.

These days, software is a bigger consideration, even more so than the hardware that it powers. So how can businesses ensure that their projects are streamlined and their creativity is optimised to achieve this goal? Developer Cloud is an invaluable tool for development and software delivery, one that can help your developers work more effectively. It provides an integrated DevOps platform with automated processes, it creates provision environments in seconds hosted on the cloud, and it has various collaboration features to inspire better teamwork.

Cloud Visual Builder

Businesses are always looking for easy ways to design and host web and mobile applications in a secure environment. Additionally, UX for platforms is becoming more and more important; having an effortless development journey increases both productivity and work quality. With Cloud Visual Builder, your teams can design stunning web, mobile and progressive applications with ease from a browser with one-button publishing.

The visual interface and in-built controls allow for minimal coding, improving the experience for the design-focused developer.

Cloud ETL / ODI

Oracle ETL tools such as Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) are used to extract, load and transform via a graphical environment. Using a simple and easy-to-understand visual interface, administrators can build, manage and maintain various processes, including data integration for high-volume, high-performance batch loads.

We partner with Oracle to deliver the best ETL tools on the market, helping businesses simplify data management while simultaneously improving data warehousing. Talk to us today about how our products can help you streamline operations.

Cloud PaaS and SaaS

Oracle offers the largest and most trusted network of more than 40,000 developers, over 25,000 customers and 1,000+ different applications (SaaS) to enable critical digital transformation for business.

The Oracle Cloud Platform (PaaS) is designed to help you build, deploy and integrate these applications in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Manage all of your enterprise software with the highest levels of security, with multi-layered cybersafety features, data encryption, and state-of-the-art data centres.

On top of that, the fully scalable Oracle Cloud PaaS-SaaS Environment allows for easy integration and extension of SaaS applications so you can scale up or down to align with your company’s changing needs.

Cloud IaaS for SaaS

Build and run applications for less with Oracle IaaS, with maximum flexibility for your enterprise. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can boost performance by 2.5x compared to an on-premises setup, and a small business or start-up will be able to scale up or down as and when they require.

With IaaS, you can get a cost-effective platform with no hidden costs, and you’ll be able to manage SaaS applications on a much tighter budget. Benefit from outstanding storage, a powerful High-Performance X7 Server Platform, and the most up-to-date networking technologies so you can improve communication and service for your customers.

Cloud Migrations

Do you want to accelerate your Time to Value when moving data to the cloud? Is your business looking for ways to be more agile and competitive? Cloud Migrations take time and can cause business disruption when inefficiently managed. Not to mention the risks that many businesses fear.

With Oracle Cloud Migration tools, you can be assured that security, compliance and performance come as standard. Automation makes the process seamless and efficient, while also being cost-effective for businesses of all sizes. Talk to our team to find out more about how you can migrate to the cloud safely and effectively.

AWS Cloud Service

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is fully supportive of Oracle Databases and allows businesses to launch entire enterprise software stacks from Oracle on the AWS cloud. This comprehensive and ever-evolving platform boasts database storage, easy content delivery, and capabilities for developing sophisticated applications that are reliable and fully scalable.

There are multiple solutions for migrating and deploying applications, and offerings come as IaaS, PaaS, or packaged SaaS products. And with step-by-step guides available, you’ll be able to launch your AWS project in no time.

SSO – Single Sign-On

Connect from desktop to cloud with Oracle SSO (Single Sign-On). The Single Sign-On Suite allows users to log in to one domain and access other domains without logging in again. Having a unified sign-in system means opening up all business recourses (such as desktops, custom applications and client-server applications) and removing the complexity and risk of multiple usernames and passwords for staff.

The benefits of SSO include lower operational costs, reduced deployment risk, fast and secure access to applications, and smooth integration with Oracle Identity Management for security and compliance.


We can deliver powerful services for software development, taking you from the planning stage all the way to deployment. If you want to shorten the systems development lifecycle, increase velocity, improve software configuration, and have the power to release more products to market, talk to our team about Oracle Cloud.

DevOps on Oracle Cloud combines the best development tools and high-speed hosting onto one easy platform, and it can fix issues in less time, streamline team development, and improve development quality.

Smart View

Analyse, report and share data with optimum efficiency by deploying Oracle Smart View with a Microsoft Office interface. This gives you access to all documents within Microsoft Excel, Word and PowerPoint.

Collaboration is one of the most important requirements in the digital world. Industry 4.0 brings big change to the way we work and use content. With Smart View, your teams can import, manipulate and distribute important data to all major stakeholders or project collaborators quickly and securely. The features include Free-form Analysis, Predefined Form Interaction, Report Design, and Pre-Created Content Access.