All too often there is a lack of connectivity between processes, applications and people, especially in areas that are fundamental to operations and growth. We work with you to remove barriers and create a seamless, multi-channel and unified platform to unleash the potential of your people and your business.

Combining the power of Oracle Integration with our experience, and knowledge of your business and industry, we can integrate applications and data, automate processes, build custom web and mobile apps as well as give you visibility of real-time data, all in one place, accessible wherever, whenever and from any device.

Our approach takes the best of on-premise as well as software as a service (SaaS) and machine-learning, combined with established best practice and human insight and experience, to give you:

Fast and straight forward delivery, at lower cost - we take away the time-consuming elements of integration by leveraging Oracle Integration. Their prebuilt adapters for SaaS and on-premises systems (Oracle provides prebuilt integration flows between applications spanning CX, ERP, HCM and more) deliver integration up to 6x faster. (than what? Conventional custom built adapters) Oracle Recommends,(enhancement?) by Machine Learning, that speeds up every step of designing and delivering integrations by providing real-time recommendations, and ‘best next actions’ to eliminate errors,(especially during complex data mapping between applications), and suggests best user selections for process flows. We also leverage Oracle process templates to reduce integration time to deliver business services faster and at a lower cost.

End-to-end monitoring and control - We work with you and your teams every step of the way during the integration-, Oracle Integration gives you end-to-end tracking, visibility and control of progresses. Oracle’s dashboards give you real-time information so that you can act now, not later. From statistics on how well your integrations and processes are working to important transactions (alerts highlighting) their outcome, or checking, auditing and analysing information in more detail, You will have the knowledge to make informed decisions at your fingertips.

Automation and accessibility - We’ll help you to create a visual, low-code process automation platform that not only simplifies day-to-day tasks but optimises the daily activities of your people via a digital, multi-channel experience, coordinating tasks across people, systems and robots (Robotic Process Automation). Your employees can use the process from within the context of existing applications, and there’s no need for them to learn any new applications or tool. All of this is accessible to your employees, customers and partners anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Real-time visibility- We build applications visually that can integrate data from external systems and incorporate business processes. You can build and manage mobile and web applications with visual ‘drag and drop’ components, which automatically generates the application code which you can improve and modify. It’s also simple to publish-, using Oracle’s Visual Builder that delivers your application through a self-managed hosting platform.

You can design better interfaces for your users to interact with your enterprise data-, you can create your own business object to load data from spreadsheets, store custom data, or access data from your existing applications using standard REST interfaces.

Secure and safe - Employing Oracle Integration means that the environment and services that we create with you - both in the cloud and on-site - are secure and safe. Oracle provides you with physical security, operating system security, virtualisation layer security and tenant isolation, meaning access to on-premises resources without opening the firewall. Your integrations will work with services protected by policies such as SSL Certificates, HTTP Basic, or WS-Security-based authentication, and you don’t have to understand the complexities and nuances of the security configuration.