Cloud Applications!
  • Oracle Cloud Integration!
Integrations of External Partners
  • Secure and seamless integration with enterprise applications and systems in your data-center
  • Simple and extensible architecture for creation of new adapters
  • Rapidly detect and diagnose errors for corrective action
  • Ability to quickly use Pre-built adapters and integrations
  • Ability to build web services and consume public/private web services
  • Setup based mappings, Extensive usage of lookups, Monitor integrations,Effective error management
  • Integration with web based applications
FAH Integration
  • Single platform to integrate data from multiple sources
  • Self Service based UI’s to manage input data
  • Seamless Third Party systems integration with FAH
E-Business to Fusion Cloud
  • Extensions to/Usage of Oracle provided pre-defined packages
  • Ability to create output files in various required formats
  • File Based Loaders
  • SFTP based loaders
Expertise in Seamless integration with Multiple System Integrations
  • On-Premise to Cloud systems
  • Third-Party Banking and Sales system integration with E-Business system
  • Integration with Oracle Utilities Meter Data systems
  • Integration with Mobile Technology
  • Integration with RFID systems